Peace of Mind

Protecting the privacy of your donors is of paramount importance.

That’s why our data is securely stored off-site and continually backed up to ensure there is no chance of any data loss.

The worst case scenario is the loss of a day’s data. And since all electronic communications are backed up instantly we would simply re-enter the information. So there’s really nothing to worry about.

We regularly review our business continuity plan and our web portal that facilitates the data input is regularly subjected to sophisticated penetration testing (the same type of testing used by banks).

Each user in your organisation that requires access will have their own personal username and password to protect privacy. All user activity is fully logged and strict periods of online data retention are enforced, ensuring your information remains secure but accessible.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and any confidential waste is securely destroyed to BS15713:2009 shredding standards on-site. But  that’s not all, we like to also do our bit for the environment by recycling any unwanted waste wherever possible.

Using our systems and processes for donor management really is a secure and ethical way of saving time and money.

All donor data transferred to you is carried out using AES 256-bit encryption ensuring the privacy of confidential files.