What Can We Do For You?

From experience we know that a managed service can increase your ROI with Payroll Giving donors. We also understand that your charity is unique and we can adapt the way we work to easily fit into your organisation.

We can assist your charity in the following ways:

  • Mailroom Service
  • Data Transcription
  • Donor Communication Management
  • Investigations and PFO Refund Management
  • Annual Clean-Up
  • Direct Online Recruitment Package
  • Management Reporting

Mailroom Service

Simply send us all your donor instructions – direct from Professional Fundraising Organisations – and we will match these off against invoices to check your database and flag any donors who may already exist.

Data Transcription 

We can import electronic donor instructions along with transcribing paper based instructions into one single dataset. This data can be provided to you ready to import into your existing Donor Management System*. All data that is imported/transcribed by us is compared against the Royal Mail PAF to ensure the address data is of a high quality. If required we can also obtain Delivery Point Suffixes (DPS) codes for all new donors for use in mass mailings.

Donor Communication Management

Taking care of your  donors is much more than just seeing who is giving and who isn’t. Good donor management is about making your donors feel valued. We can assist you at every level of communication  with your donors including thank you letters, newsletters and corporate communications. We will be happy to provide you with data sets to supply to mailing houses for your newsletters.

Investigations and PFO Refund Management

Where donors fail to materialise we can work with PGA’s and PFO’s on your behalf to recover undisbursed funds, or refunds where required.

Annual Clean-Up 

Each year we arrange for all live donors on our system to be compared against the National Change of Address (NCOA) list, to obtain up to date addresses for all donors who have requested communications.

Direct Online Recruitment Page

We can set you up with the same online payroll giving system used by some of the UK’s top employers.