Why Choose Bell Donor Management?

We can seamlessly integrate with your organisation and know from experience that our service will increase ROI from Payroll Giving donors.

As the only donor management service working directly with a major PFO, we are uniquely responsible for their donor processing. We receive the donor data directly from recruitment in the field and handle the process all the way through to the charity successfully receiving their funds.

This means that we are able to investigate a high proportion of non-materialising donors months before this would normally be possible. Any issues can be located and resolved rapidly to ensure the maximum amount of money reaches you. Working in partnership with one of our clients, we have already aided them in reducing their non-materialising donors by 50%.

Discover how we can revolutionise your Donor Management process.

Our vision is to make Payroll Giving as real time as possible. Whilst there will always be areas beyond our reach, we strive to constantly improve the effectiveness of every part of the process by creating an even more efficient donor management system. Thus increasing profitability for charities like yours. We maintain excellent relationships with the main PGA’s in the UK including Charities Aid Foundation, charities Trust and Charitable Giving. We liaise with all of the main payroll giving PFO’s on behalf of the charities to ensure funds are processed, or reclaimed where applicable.