Why Outsource Donor Management?

As you know, the most expensive part of fundraising is the recruitment of new donors. But the money spent acquiring donors is wasted if their donations never get to the charity. In the case of Payroll Giving, often donors are paid for and their money never materialises in the charity’s account. We prevent this from happening.

Charities are expected to pay a percentage of annual income from donors recruited by PFO’s up front. If that donor never starts to pay, charities are encouraged to claim a refund from the PFO. Identifying said donors can be a daunting task. BDM systems make this simple by generating reports of donors who never materialise, allowing refunds to be claimed easily. Even better, we can directly liaise with the PFO on behalf of your charity.

Payroll Giving doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming.

There is a better way.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Once the information has been collected we can produce a wealth of reports covering Attrition Rates, Lifetime Values, Return on Investment and much more. Information such as corporate attitude towards schemes like Payroll Giving can also be derived.

Careful management of donors can be extremely rewarding for all parties, often resulting in improved donations, or at the least reducedn umbers of cancellations.

Outsourcing of similar administrative tasks is common practice for high performing companies. It makes sense to similarly outsource payroll giving to a specialist provider that fully understands the whole process, increasing ROI and freeing up time.

Payroll Giving has unique benefits: access to employer matching funds, access to donors proven as less likely to support through other channels and lower attrition rates. Even so, it can be viewed as complicated and time consuming. In truth, it can appear so on the surface, but for those of us who work in payroll giving daily, we have gained an inherent understanding of the processes so that they become second nature. It’s what we do.

We maintain active and productive relationships with all those involved in Payroll Giving, keeping up to date on all the latest procedures. Let us do for you what you may be struggling to do yourself, and in a fraction of the time. Thus lowering your overheads and increasing your returns.

It’s the smartest way to manage your donors.